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        • I understand that if Gary’s determines that my criminal record is relevant, I will be given notice that I have been screened out because of a criminal conviction; I will be given an opportunity to demonstrate that the exclusion should not be applied due to my particular circumstances; and Gary’s will consider whether the additional information I provided warrants Gary’s making an exception in my case.
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Trusted & Recommended

618 Reviews

  • Gary R Jeff designed a great Mitsubishi Mini Split for my new Music Room. Julio and Marlon did a great job on the initial pre-plumb, and Julio and Jake returned to finish the install. I did have one minor glitch, and Jeff sent Barry out to take care of that. Great equipme...

  • Lisa G Have had nothing but positive experience working with R&S. Brittany is the front end of the company and does a great job representing company. friendly, pleasant and helpful. Provides accurate information and follows up as she says.

  • Sean H. I had R and S come out to my house for the second time in the last couple of years to fix an issue with our heating system, and they were able to show up quickly and promptly and fix the issue the same day. The folks I have dealt with at R and S have all been very friendly and helpful in explaining the two issues with our heater thus far. We've had very good experiences and would definitely recommend to other homeowners.

  • Mancy M. I would recommend R & S Mechanical at any time for those who are looking for professionalism and ability to make a major job look like it's a minor one. I contacted R & S as one of 5 suppliers and service companies to install a new unit in my house. Even though price was a factor, but I was also looking to work with an organization that would be honest and caring. I did find such values with R & S. They were the only one out of the five who actually called to follow up on their offer and ensure that everything was well explained and clear. Absolutely great guys and they made sure to keep the place clean after they left. I definitely made the right choice.

  • Jennifer R. I have dealt with R&S since I moved to Raleigh four years ago and they have taken consistently good care of my HVAC units. They are prompt, professional, courteous and definitely pick up after themselves. They even call me to schedule regular maintenance that comes with my service contract instead of me having to remember. I can get an appointment very quickly if something breaks on me and they always arrive early. I'm overall very satisfied.

  • Gail S. I have always been pleased with their service. They are quick to respond, even on weekends. I would definitely recommend them.

  • Carol C. Our overall experience with R&S has been exceptional. We have been homeowners for over 30 years and have never had better service, concern and respect as we have received from R&S. Highly recommend.

  • Barb and Jerry Our AC system failed on a Friday afternoon at our Daughter's condo. Shortly after our call, Randy and Mike came to our condo, diagnosed the unit and loaned us portable cooling units over the weekend. They installed a new system and got us up and running the following Tuesday. Their prices and service were great! Very responsive, very straight forward, no hard sell unlike the big companies. Highly recommended - excellent service!

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